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Secondary Glazing - reduce noise,  conserve heat

Noise from traffic, local air ports and the general noise from inner city areas and main roads can be a real disruption to the quality of your living or working environment.
The best way to reduce noise and sound proof your windows is to fit secondary glazing, which can reduce external noise by around 75%, up to even 90% when high spec glass is specified. By specifying either
6.8mm Laminated glass or 6.8mm Acoustic glass, you can further reduce the noise pollution heard from the outside world. These types of glass are thicker and heavier than ordinary glass and will go along way to improving thermal performance as well.

Reduce heat loss and save money on your heating bills

Windows can account for up to 30% of the heat lost from your home. It is important in this day and age to reduce energy consumption in our buildings. Single glazed windows are poor insulators and heat loss is exacerbated if the window does not have effective seals. With heating costs rising all the time, the sooner you fit secondary glazing, the sooner you will start benefiting. When it comes to saving energy, windows and lofts are the prime areas in which heat loss can easily and cost effectively be prevented. Energy Performance Certificates will eventually define a building's Energy Rating and become a factor in the valuation of your property.

Listed Buildings

Listed properties often still have the original old single glazed windows, which provide very poor sound and heat insulation. If you wish to make any alteration or improvements to your property, Listed Building Consent is required, and will not normally be permitted, for replacement windows and doors. However fitting secondary glazing on the inside of your windows is a very popular and cost effective solution for owners of Listed buildings, especially since it is recommended by the Heritage Foundation and the Listed Property Owners Club. Installing secondary glazing is considered a reversible alteration, that is unobtrusive to your windows and will conserve the exterior character of the period property.


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